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We buttons, really! That's why the this awesome Framework has multiple buttons sizes and color that are not only badass out of the box, but easy to customize for your projects. Of course you can easily add Buttons with the integrated Shortcode System, see a Demo of the possible Variations below.

  • Nice styled with a lot of CSS3 effects and techniques which works in all modern browsers
  • Four different sizes and 3 individual colors to take the best match of your websites look
  • Very easy to use in your content with our integrated Shortcode System
  • Styles for every situation, regular, hover and of course a active and focus style

Demo Regular Button

Add classes for size, type (color) and style (square, slightly rounded, and completely rounded) to achive what button you wish.

Demo Icon Button

With Icon-Heart





With Icon-Ban-Circle





Demo Advanced Button

How to use

You can use this Shortcodes everywhere in your content, click here to find out more.

{button | (Size: tiny, small, medium, large) (Color: templatecolor, secondary, success, alert) (Style: square, round, radius or combined wih full-width) | Your Link goes here | Name your Button here} {button | small secondary radius | | Jump to Google} Or use one of these Shortcodes (with Icons or with Link opens in a new Window) {button-icon | small secondary radius | | Jump to Google | icon-name} {button-blank | small secondary radius | | Jump to Google} {button-data | small secondary radius | | Jump to Google | data-attributes comes here}

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